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Mindful Fasting


One of our dearest brothers and Amir of our local (ICNA/WhyIslam) chapter sent this reminder to all of the Islamic workers, Islamic activists, and volunteers in our organizations. I found it to be a beneficial reminder, and I ask Allah to make it of benefit for you as well. With his permission, I want to share it with you. Ramadan Mubarak/Ramadan Kareem! 

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatahu,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I hope this email finds you in the best state of health and Eeman. It's a great blessing that Allah (SWT) has given us one more chance to enjoy the blessings of Ramadan. I remind myself first and all of you to observe this month mindfully and seek to improve relationship with Allah (SWT) and develop Taqwa.
This is an occasion to reflect on our lives and reassess our goals and priorities in life and establish a routine that can be followed even after Ramadan. Psychologist say, it takes approximately 21 days to establish a habit, so let's make an effort to develop some good habits in this month which become a part of our life.
This is the month of Qur'an, so let's read as much Qur'an as possible and refresh what Allah (SWT) is expecting from us. This is very essential to give us the strength and consistency required to carry on the work of Dawah and Iqamat-ut-deen.
If thoughtfully read, one can understand that the book of Allah primarily addresses the circumstances, challenges and emotions of an Islamic activist with a missionary life:
1) In it is mentioned the lives and struggles of various prophets (especially Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)) to establish the deen.
2) In it is mentioned glad tidings for believers during difficult times. 
3) In it is mentioned the command to be thankful to Allah (SWT) during times of success. 
4) In it is mentioned the reward of a beautiful abode in the hereafter (way better in quality than what is promised to passive believers). 
5) In it is mentioned Allah's rebuking of believers who did not fulfill the responsibility of striving in his way.
There are numerous scenarios that the Qur'an sketches which an Islamic activist can directly relate to. Inshallah let us make an effort to read Quran as it applies to a person who is striving in the cause of Allah (SWT).
On organizational note: 
1) There are a couple of Qiyam programs scheduled during Ramadan, please make an effort to attend  it and invite your friends and family members for this night. Information about it will be sent out shortly [ICNA GLA Qiyam on Saturday, June 27th, at 11:45pm - 3:30am at the La Mirada Masjid ]
2) I request all of you to please designate a part of your charity for ICNA's activities. This is extremely important as the work of Dawah is a critical need of our time. Online donations can be made at: ICNASC.org/donate

May Allah (SWT) make this month a source of forgiveness for all our sins and a source of bringing positive changes in our lives.

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